5 Tips to Help your Child Focus on Learning During Online Classes

5 Tips to Help your Child Focus on Learning During Online Classes

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, parents are concerned about preparing their children for online learning. They now have to balance an active teaching role at home with their work. In this situation, private schools in KL are doing their best to continue providing quality education. They are striving for comprehensive planning, assessment, and reporting. Successfully enough, schools are now imparting interesting online classes with student engagement through games, activities, worksheets.

However, according to some schools, the most common disadvantages of online classrooms observed in children are lack of attention and the fact that students find them uninteresting owing to the virtual setting. Combine this with challenges such as a poor internet connection, and students will undoubtedly find an excuse to do something else.

Setting Up a Workspace
While sitting on the couch or in bed while reading a book or participating in a Zoom call is comfortable, it is not the optimal posture for remaining engaged. Encourage your child to establish a space in the house for Zoom meetings and assignments. Reduce distractions while your youngster is completing schoolwork.

Consider Taking Breaks
Once your child has a specific workspace for school meetings and learning activities, it is beneficial for them to spend time outside of this space during the day. Whether by posting a timetable, making goals, or utilizing alarms to remind them to take a break, planning for and remembering to take these breaks can directly benefit their ability to focus on school activities. These breaks do not have to be lengthy; they should be consistent and systematic.

Encouraging Movement
Give your children time to get some exercise before concentrating on a learning task in online classes. When standing, some kids are better able to focus on their tasks.

Using a checklist to maintain focus
A simple visual checklist of the actions required for a given activity will benefit some youngsters who have significant difficulty concentrating. For instance, if the child is needed to attend a lesson and then write a response to the dictation, the checklist would include the following keywords: watch and write. Then, as each activity is performed, the youngster would cross it off with you and receive positive reinforcement.

Providing Positive Feedback
Provide fast and positive feedback to your child once they complete their assigned task or a learning course! Simply adding a checkmark, star, or sticker to the task assignment will significantly inspire your youngster. This is important as this praise and encouragement will boost their confidence.

Active learning in primary classes is essential. But it isn't easy with online classes. You must support the school and your child to make things interesting for them. Private schools in KL promote children in the form of praise; stickers; a treat such as ice cream, candy, or a popsicle. Even you can use these treats or let them play for an extra 15 minutes before bedtime. These little steps can help the child improve and concentrate better on their studies. Private schools in KL do their best to make online lectures interesting. You, too, put in the little effort to make your child's learning journey effortless.

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