Significance of HGV Drivers

Significance of HGV Drivers

HGV driving refers to driving vehicles that carry heavy goods as per the full form of HGV i.e. "Heavy Goods Vehicles". With the growth of the transportation industry, the need for HGV drivers is also increasing in different parts of the world. Many jobs for HG drivers are also increasing due to more need for import and export services in different areas. HGV driving was earlier considered as the most backward profession in one's life but with time the assumptions also changed due to more people being interested in the Hgv driving profession without thinking of the fact that how much do HGV Drivers earn

When talking about HGV drivers it solely means commercial driving. There are different types of vehicles included in the field of commercial driving. You can fairly choose your interest and go for the licence of that particular vehicle. Different vehicle choices are lorries, ambulances, lorries with trailers, etc. So HGV drivers are the drivers who can drive the lorries weighing up to 7.5 tonnes and the weight of the lorry should not be more than 32 tonnes. This licence can only be available to you if you follow the instructions and the guidelines specified by the authorities.

Read more to know about the other criteria that are important in terms of HGV driving. You can also get to know how much do HGV drivers earn? For your reference when you are thinking of getting into the profession of HGV drivers.

Difference between HGV and LGV
Generally, there is no such difference between these two vehicles as LGV and HGV. The only difference is in the abbreviation of the two vehicles are Heavy goods vehicles for HGV and Large goods vehicles for LGV. They are all the same, that is they are the lorries or trucks weighing over 3.5 tonnes. You can also go through How much do HGV Drivers earn? For a better understanding of this type of driving.

Criteria to be followed to be an HGV Driver
Different criteria are designed for each type of driving experience. Commercial driving not only includes driving but teaches you many other aspects related to driving. Particularly HGV / LGV driving needs a proper criterion that should be followed to gain the legal licence for the vehicles. The process is divided into two major categories usually termed HGV / LGV Training and the other is the HGV / LGV driving test.

The process further is not only limited to these aspects, there are further subdivisions in these categories based on the requirements by the authorities in terms of HGV / LGV driving. These divisions are listed below:

HGV / LGV Driver Training
The category is divided into two major modules named HGV /LGV Theory Training and the other is HGV / LGV Practical training. These two modules as the name suggests are different from each other but are equally important in all aspects. Read more to know about these two modules in detail.

HGV / LGV Theory Training
Theory training is the initial part of any HGV / LGV Driving. This module is designed to improve your theoretical knowledge about different aspects of driving and other knowledgeable aspects. This module is further divided into two categories that are general theory training and hazard perception theory training. As per the authorities, you need training in these two modules to check if you will be able to manage other needful things while driving. Similarly, the next category is the HGV / LGV Practical Training.

HGV / LGV Practical Training
This module is to make you learn all the aspects related to driving and in every situation that may be natural or manmade. You will be trained by the professionals regarding all the things which you should take care of while driving. Further, The other category is the HGV / LGV Driving test

HGV / LGV Driving Test
This is the category that further comprises the three modules that are namely HGV/ LGV Medical test, HGV / LGV Theory Test, HGV / LGV practical Test. These three modules are followed respectively to check whether the person is appropriate to drive these heavy vehicles on the road. A medical test is to check if the person is medically fit for driving or not. Because some medical conditions do not allow the person to drive.

Further, the other modules are the theory and practical modules which are designed to check if you have appropriate knowledge and skills to drive the vehicles because heavy vehicles are not only meant for driving it includes various other things like knowledge about the vehicles in some of the situations. So these three modules comprise the driving test which should be cleared according to the pattern designed by the authorities which should be cleared to get the HGV / LGV Driving licence to pursue safe and legal driving.

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