Top Things to Consider When Buying Biometric Authentication

Top Things to Consider When Buying Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication has been recognized as one of the most useful advancements in the Tech Landscape, allowing businesses, schools, government offices as well as mobile devices to authenticate your identity and access accounts and physical spaces. While this is an advanced technology, the success of a biometric authentication system depends on choosing the right modality. But the fact here is that this isn’t as simple as it seems. Careful research, the strength and weakness of the system, and many other factors play a huge role in helping people choose the right hardware. This is why we bring to you this detailed blog that talks about everything you need to keep in your mind when choosing a biometric authentication system.

What is biometric authentication?
Biometric authentication is an advanced technology that relies on the unique biological characteristics of individuals to verify they are who they say they are. For example, it allows access to only the people who are designed to access a particular area of the organization. It works by the authentic data stored in a database. When both the samples of the biometric data match, authentication is confirmed by the biometric authentication system. Most commonly, these systems are used at the organizations to manage access to physical and digital resources, such as buildings, rooms, and computing devices. These devices use different types of biometrics, such as fingerprints or retina scans, etc. To verify people are who they claim to be.

Biometric information Where it is stored
We all know that biometric information is more secure than the traditional password system. According to research, it has been found that over 66 percent of people believe that biometrics is a safe and efficient authentication technique. But before you make any choice for selecting a biometric authentication system, it is very important to know if the data stored in the biometric system is secure. The improperly stored data method can put your employees’ or customers’ authentication data at risk. Make sure to check with the vendor about the methods used for storing the biometric and check where it is stored. In case the data is stolen or hacked, all of the accounts linked with the particular biometric authentication system are possibly permanently compromised. The safest place where the data can be stored in Cloud Storage and having dedicated storage space is always the better choice.

What types of data it can protect
While it is a fact that all types of data are important for an organization, it is a considerable fact that not all data is created equal. For example, some data like the personal identifying information of the employees necessitate an extra degree of protection. So we can say that some data at the organization requires a higher degree of security, while others may not require as much authentication. This is what makes it important that you choose a biometric authentication system that is capable of safeguarding the database in every possible manner.

How biometrics authentication system can be implemented
When you are not a technical person and have a lot of work to handle to grow your organization, things can be quite tough for the installation process. While not every biometric authentication system is the same, hence it requires a different type of specialization to install them throughout the organizations. When buying a biometrics system to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors, and everyone else, you want to ensure that the company or vendor also offers an installation facility. But it is also important to keep in mind that these systems also need timely and regular upgrades, which is again going to be a technical and time-consuming task. The company should also offer regular upgrade services to keep these systems up-to-date as per the changing technology so that you need not keep changing your biometric sensor or the entire system after a few months or years.

Types of biometric authentication accepted
Not all biometric authentication systems are the same. Some are designed for basic purposes like allowing access to employees in a company simply using either their fingerprints or access card, some biometric authentication systems are highly advanced and also come along with other features like temperature scanning facility. This type of technology allows businesses to ensure access only to healthy people, especially in this time of COVID 19 pandemic when it is very important to ensure allowing access to only the people who are not dealing with any kind of symptom of COVID 19. Followings are the types of biometrics that can be used with these systems:

  • Eyes - Iris Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Finger Geometry Recognition
  • Hand Geometry Recognition
  • Typing Recognition
  • Voice - Speaker Identification

Businesses can choose to get the biometric authentication system according to the budget and the types of authentication will vary as per the system you are choosing.

Does it Maintain Hygiene?
The whole world has seen tremendous effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The best way to avoid infection is to ensure personal hygiene and remain at a safe distance from one another. If you are also concerned about the safety of your employees at the organization, it is important to consider if biometric authentication can ensure the hygiene of every individual before investing. It is always preferred to use contactless biometric modalities for hygienic reasons.

Final Words
Biometrics systems can help ensure the safety of organizations, but it is very important to ensure being responsible while selecting the best biometric authentication solution. There are multiple options available online, but make sure to not rush into making any decision. Make sure to have detailed information about different aspects like the technology used, types of sensors used, etc. To ensure that you are using the right solution for your organization, it’s important to choose the right biometrics solutions.

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