Twin Flame Physical Symptoms Nobody Talks About

Twin Flame Physical Symptoms Nobody Talks About

When two soulmates meet, there is a great energetic exchange between the two. Like a meteor colliding with the surface of a planet, when a twin flame enters the orbit of the other, the fusion of these two forces creates a dramatic collision, after which neither is the same.

One result of this powerful energy exchange that occurs when two flames meet in the physical is a series of strange, seemingly inexplicable physical sensations. These physical twin flame symptoms will leave you baffled and possibly even go to the doctor while trying to figure out why you feel "no" this way.

Your Twin Flame Will Have You Asking: What’s wrong with me
When doctors tell you that you are in perfect health, you start to wonder what could be happening. Perhaps diving into the den of examining the physical symptoms of twin flames is exactly what led you to the concept of "twin flames" in the first place.

If you met your twin flame (or someone you suspect is your twin flame), stay tuned because I'm going to share with you 8 physical twin flame symptoms that no one is talking about. All of these symptoms are directly related to deeply ingrained physical experiences that you will have after meeting your twin flame or even during a conversation with them.

Heart Sensations
Twin flames connect through the 7 energy centers of the body but are more connected through the heart center (also known as the heart chakra). The connection between the twin flame heart chakra is so strong that some have artistically depicted the twin flame link as a literal cord running from the heart of one twin flame to the heart of the other.

While this "heart cord" between twin flames has existed since birth, most are ignorant of it until they first meet their twin flame in the physical. Upon an encounter, the usually latent cardiac connection between two twin flames is instantly activated, which can cause a series of strange and unexpected physical sensations around the heart, chest, and heart chakra region of the body.

Because we all interpret energy in different ways, no twin flames associate this heart center activation energy with the same physical sensations. However, I have listed some common types of twin flame heart sensations that are most frequently reported.

Back Pain
Another strange sign of meeting your twin flame is that you may have back pain or tension. While this back pain can manifest itself anywhere on the back, it is most commonly reported in the upper back and shoulders, as well as the lower back.

The spiritual reason for this twin flame back pain is that when two twin flames meet, large amounts of energy are exchanged between them through the 7 energy centers of the body that we call "chakras".

The purpose of this energy exchange is to clear any negative blockage that we have stored in one of these 7 chakras. These chakra blocks can form in early childhood, in past toxic relationships, or even in other lifetimes.

This energetic exchange through the chakras is essential for twin flame healing and upward spiritual growth and will result in a spiritual awakening that will ultimately allow both twins to ascend to the fifth dimension and fulfill their purpose on Earth together in a perfect Unit.

Despite the wonderful promises of a harmonious twin flame union, the actual healing process through these chakra blocks is much more complicated than it appears at first glance.

This twin flame energy, once activated, constantly flows through our bodies moving through each chakra center.

However, when we have blockages in a particular chakra, these blockages are like energetic "walls" that inhibit the flow of energy and cause physical stress on that part of the body, often in the form of back pain.

I have created a Twin Flame 7 Chakra Cleansing Meditation and a Subliminal Track designed to help Twin Flames process the enormous amounts of energy they discharge during this connection and release the energy blocks they store in their chakras.

Click on the link below to learn more about how you can use this meditation to remove love blocks and deepen your twin flame connection.

Eyes Lighting Up or Changing Color
Of all the ways we physically connect with our twin flame, the visual connection between two twins is perhaps the most striking and powerful. It is said that "the eyes are the windows to the soul", and this is never more true than when two twin flames first close their eyes.

Twin flames will be able to see deep into each other's souls if they make eye contact. Eye contact with your twin flame will feel as intimate and safe as a warm hug from your best friend, even if they are strangers.

A strange 999 angel number twin flame eye sensation that no one is talking about is the fact that when you close your eyes with your twin flame, you will feel your eyes are "lighting up" and you will also see the light flowing through the eyes of your twin flame. Sometimes twins even experience eye color changes in the presence of their twin sister or after their first meeting.

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